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M.T.C. Specs  

  • Six foot high universal slide-in field body durable fiberglass

  • Completely insulated and finished

  • Integral reinforcing for mounting medical equipment

  • Overhead storage cabinet with sliding doors

  • Emergency escape door with window

  • Sliding cab window with window boot

  • Two patient and attendant capacity

  • Fire extinguisher – 2 ¾ lb. B & C Class

  • Anti-slip floor with rubber mat

  • Two stainless steel 12 volt interior lights, including one infrared driving light

  • Exterior rear-mounted 12 volt flood lamp

  • Auxiliary interior 120 AC receptacle

  • Inverter and converter

  • Dual heat sources (electric and circulating)

  • Stainless steel sink and faucet

  • Hot and cold running water (on demand)

  • All MTCs are mounted on extended cab, long box, 4x4 ¾ ton trucks

   All Medical Treatment Centers are minimum 2 patient capacity with medic chair. We at IMS feel that for transport and the administering of medical aid in either a rental or manned (EMR) situation, a minimum 2 patient capacity M.T.C meets and exceeds all regulations. First Aid Package (Schedule 5 First Aid Room Equipment) If in case an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is requested, the EMT personnel are sent out with all proper supplies as well as their 12-1 skills. This includes: AED, traction splints, Epinephrine, Intravenous therapy, ASA, D50-Dextrose, Advanced Airway methods, Oxygen therapy, as well as packaging equipment and adequate bandaging supplies.

   All Units Meets and exceeds OH&S   minimum standards


   IMS Mobile Treatment Centre are all designed to meet and exceed all provincial OH&S regulation for providing medical services. The treatment centers have the capability to transport up to 2 patients at a time. A registered and trained medical professional accompanies each unit. Each MTC is equipped as a first aid station with upgraded onboard equipment and supplies.

   All personnel are properly equipped within their scope of practice. The treatment area has a swivel attendant seat w/ seat belt. Vehicle has a 4x4 package for off road capacity Crew/Quad Cab- 3/4- Ton new trucks





  • Wheeled stretcher.
  • SAED (Semi-Automated External Defibrillator) .
  • Satellite Phone (Globalstar).
  • Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Additional Equipment and Services Available Upon Request.