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About Company

   IMS provides Emergency Response and standby for any event or situation which requires medical expertise and equipment onsite.  These areas include plant and construction projects, oilfield production, drilling projects, pipeline construction, and forestry application.  We will provide any level of service from advanced first aid to advanced life support units fully staffed by certified, experienced and professional personnel.   

    When your company requires medical personnel for remote locations of high hazard work; onsite first aid room or mobile treatment centre (MTC); emergency transportation or response units, IMS is the service that can provide all of these services. 

   IMS provides continuing education courses.  We have certified personnel to instruct the First Aid/CPR and AFA course, as well as Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) program.  IMS provides all of our staff refresher courses to provide updated medical information that is applied into the field to benefit our customers. 

    Our specialty is providing a Comprehensive Service Package, including equipment, personnel, emergency response planning, contingency planning, site-specific orientations (facilities, equipment, supply inventory), reporting guidelines and liaison functions with regulatory agency and management staff.   

We Will Be Responsive . . .         

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